SingleThread Inn


If you have the money and are looking for a luxury getaway to spoil yourself and/or a loved one near the Bay Area, blow it at the SingleThread Inn. It’s a fantastic, well-rounded experience with a hefty price tag to match.

The Review

The entrance experience is decidedly…mediocre. In the confirmation email, I was instructed to park in a back parking lot, then exit on to the street, round the corner of the building, and enter the non-descript main entrance. From there, though, I was enveloped in cozy dark wood and slate, cut off from the rest of the world. (No, really, cell service is shit in the SingleThread building) There’s no “check-in” process, you’re simply taken straight to your room, given a quick tour, and left to enjoy. On the table was a delicious little welcome bite from the pastry department

The entire space is tastefully and beautifully decorated. A sort of Japanese-influenced, low-key Californian luxury. The lounge, titled “The Study”, is cozy and wonderfully decorated with a beautiful chesterfield sofa, mid-century modern furniture, and lots of floral arrangements. In the hall right outside my room was this beautiful drawer stocked with Cutipol flatware for the rooms.

Close attention to detail and understated luxury all around. Mega soft Matouk bath towels and bed linens, RH alpaca throw on the bed, Japanese slippers, Cutipol cutlery, Zalto wine glasses, MMclay ceramics, Ratio Eight pour-over marchine, Fellow kettle, Aesop bath products, Toto toilet. The spare toilet paper roll is wrapped in linen. The soaking tub is surprisingly ergonomic and comfortable.

Everything is included. As luxury lodging should be. If I’m paying that much money for a room, I should not be reminded of how much you’re ripping me off for a bag of chips or some booze.

  • Breakfast for 2 is included in the room rate.

  • The mini bar — wine, beer, soft drinks, snacks, ice cream (ICE CREAM!), coffee, and tea is “with their compliments”.

  • Short but mighty room service menu of shigoku oysters, and charcuterie + cheese plate is “with their compliments”.

The ice cream with salted caramel comes in a ceramic jar. The wine — 2013 Dry Creek Valley Syrah — was really good. And, of course, everything tastes better sipped out of a Zalto wine glass.

Breakfast is ordered the night before from a few different sets (Sonoma, English, Japanese) with a la carte add ons, all included save for the alcoholic mimosa. Below is the Japanese set with add on scone, smoothie, fresh squeezed OJ, and cappuccino. Pretty sure the donabe of rice and the other of homemade silken tofu were meant to be shared, but when you travel solo … ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Breakfast for one. Excessive much?

Breakfast for one. Excessive much?

Is the SingleThread Inn perfect? No.

When paying this much, I want optionality. I would have preferred to sleep in complete darkness. The lack of blackout curtains and the fact that the curtains didn’t close fully let in street light. The light on the fancy light switches were very bright. Sound proofing was not 100% — can hear walking in the hall. To nitpick, the thread count on the fancy sheets was too high. While running my legs against them felt like bliss, I found them to be not breathable and too warm to sleep in.

But I can say that SingleThread Inn is maybe one of my favourite and most exceptional hotel experiences to date. They create an experience that takes away anything that might stop you from relaxing and enjoying.