Fork On Yolk

In Chinese cooking instructions, rarely are specific quantities of ingredients given, especially not that of spices and seasoning. Often, the terms 少许 (‘a little’) and 适量 (‘moderate amount’ or ‘appropriate amount’) are prescribed. Real helpful, huh? As frustrating as this is when trying to replicate a recipe in an attempt to reclaim some distant childhood memory, it has also forced me to pay attention and develop intuition when I eat and cook.

Join me on this journey of culinary trial and error! I hope to share my experiments, failures, delights, and learnings in the form of rambly prose and not-tested-enough recipes. All orders come with a side of fluffy grey cats and unsolicited salty opinions about everything else in life.

When necessary (e.g., in baking), specific amounts of ingredients will be given and given in weight wherever appropriate. Otherwise, guidelines will be provided to give a sense of yield and help with grocery shopping.

This blog is inspired by my grandpa’s cooking, culinary travels around the world, and Samin Nosrat’s “Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking”

Joanna of House Snark

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